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Office Productivity Series (Contains 6 courses and final exam) is a Program

Office Productivity Series (Contains 6 courses and final exam)



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About the Program

In this series you will be introduced to a variety of Microsoft Office applications and learn ways you can make them work together. Participants will learn the basic skills for day-to-day office activities including: creating a spreadsheet in Excel, creating a PowerPoint presentation, creating an Access database, creating Word documents, and sending email and managing calendars with Outlook.

All courses include:

  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Exercise files to allow you to work along
  • Instructional videos for reinforcement
  • Quizzes to check comprehension

Each course in this series is fully online and self-paced. Each course might take two to four hours if completed in its entirety. Content can be explored non-sequentially, as well.

A certificate will be rewarded upon successful completion of the final online exam for this series.

This series is created and maintained by IT Training, a department of University Information Technology Services of Indiana University (IU). IT Training provides educational opportunities around technologies and software made available by IU. In an effort to expand the reach of IT Training's award-winning, high-quality content, this online series has been available to members of the IU community—and beyond. We hope you enjoy this learning experience.