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ILEA In-Service Training: Mental Health

1 credit


Full course description

Course Introduction

Every law enforcement officer wants to prevent an interaction with a citizen from becoming ineffective or detrimental to the community they serve. One population historically at risk of being underserved or misunderstood is persons with mental health disorders.Given that one in one hundred police dispatches and encounters involve people with mental disorders, it is vital that all law enforcement personnel receive training to prepare for and respond to these incidents.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in this course will be able to:

  • Identify common factors that lead to law enforcement interaction with mentally ill persons
  • Practice how to handle police-citizen interactions with individuals who have mental health disorders
  • Apply the SEAR model (a de-escalation model) in a real-life context to solve a mental health crisis

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Deborah Miller is an assistant professor of psychology at Indiana University East, and a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Indiana. She has expertise in the area of mental health assessment and diagnosis as well as clinical approaches to treating mental health disorders.

Additional Trainings


Length: 1 hour


Indiana Law Enforcement Academy


Credit: Certificate


Audience: Police officers

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