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2023 IU Online Conference is a Course

2023 IU Online Conference



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About the Conference

The Office of Online Education, in collaboration with the Office of Collaborative Academic Programs and eLearning Design and Services, invites you to join us for the eighth annual statewide IU Online Conference, held virtually on October 25th, 26th, and 27th.

Office of Online Education

IU’s collaborative approach to online education means that units and faculty members from multiple IU campuses share resources and expertise. At the Office of Online Education, our role is to facilitate collaboration among all involved in online education at IU, ensuring that the university delivers high-quality academic experiences and seamless services to online students—and makes an IU education accessible to learners around the world.

For access to previous IU Online Conference materials, click below:

Pre-Conference Workshops (Oct. 25)

  • Increasing Impact through Access and Engagement
  • Admitting Graduates: How IU Online is serving students through the recruitment, application and admission process with a dedicated focus on fostering student success all the way through graduation
  • Enhancing Student Success: Breaking Down Silos in Academic Advising and Student Success
  • Supporting a Seamless Online Graduate Experience: An Overview of the IU Online Graduate Support Model
  • Speed Dating with Learning Technologies

Conference Sessions: Day 1 (Oct. 26)

  • Welcome and Morning Remarks with Vice President for Regional Campuses and Online Education Susan Sciame-Giesecke
  • Fostering Meaningful Online Discussions: Strategies & Technologies for Engaged Learning
  • O'Neill SPEA's Peer Mentoring Program and IU Strategic Plan Goals: An Assessment
  • A Collaborative Case Study in Professional Training in IU Expand: Criminal Justice, IUPD, & the Indiana Law Enforcement Academies Build Meaningful Training
  • Programs of Scale: A Faculty Perspective
  • The IU Online Student 2023 Edition: Successes, Surveys, and More!
  • Growing Collaborative Humanities Programs: Administration and Pedagogy
  • Lunch Keynote, Student Success and Online Education with Vice President for Student Success Julie Payne-Kirchmeier
  • Best of Both Worlds: Using Generative AI to Create Quality Assessments and Reduce Workload
  • Supporting Student Success and Building Belonging in Online Classrooms: Strategies and Techniques
  • We Can't Do That Online - Well, Yes, We Can!
  • Online Teaching with 3D
  • Intercultural Communication in Asynchronous Language Courses
  • Levelling the Playing Field with Open Educational Resources

Conference Sessions: Day 2 (Oct. 27)

  • Serving IU, the state, and nation through online global educational resources
  • QM 7th Edition Rubric: Updating Online Education on the Road to 2030
  • Are You Designing Courses for Students That Don't Exist?
  • IU Online Marketing - Progress, Learnings, & Opportunities
  • [Unintelligible Sound] - How accurate captions increase student satisfaction and retention
  • The Fairbanks School's Experience with the MPH Program of Scale
  • Multimedia Mastery: Crafting Compelling Content Beyond Text
  • Design Case Study: Supporting Student-to-Student Interaction in a Large Online Business Course
  • The Route to Programs of Scale: Deadlock, Detours, and Daring Destinations
  • Lunchtime Student Panel, The IU Online Program Experience
  • Engage & Elevate: Gamification and Beyond in Online Learning
  • Support is all around you: An introduction to IU Online Academic and Wrap Around Student Support
  • "GO"ing the Distance: Our Guided Onboarding Model


Length: 3 days




Audience: General audience

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