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2021 IU Online Conference

Started Jul 12, 2021


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About the Conference

We’re pleased to bring you diverse webinar topics that showcase just how many viewpoints, ideas, and resources make up online education, particularly around the theme Transforming Student Access and Success with Online Education. Your interaction and contribution to our conference means a lot to us. Enjoy the conference!

Office of Online Education

IU’s collaborative approach to online education means that units and faculty members from multiple IU campuses share resources and expertise. At the Office of Online Education, our role is to facilitate collaboration among all involved in online education at IU, ensuring that the university delivers high-quality academic experiences and seamless services to online students—and makes an IU education accessible to learners around the world.

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Pre-Conference Workshops

  • Speed Dating with Learning Technologies
  • Kaleidoscope: UDL as a Multi-Lens Design Framework
  • Recipes for Success: Creating Meaningful Online Student Interactions

Conference Sessions: Day 1

  • Welcome and Morning Remarks with Chancellor of Indiana University Kokomo and Interim Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs Susan Sciame-Giesecke
  • Integrating Hypothesis with Canvas: An Interactive Workshop
  • The IU Online Student 2021: Insights from the Data
  • Incorporating Community-Engaged Pedagogy in Online Classes: Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices
  • Creating an Interactive Online Learning Environment Brings Students Together by Technology
  • The Craftsmanship of Online Teaching
  • Creating Accessible Equations and Symbols with MathJax
  • Faculty Panel
  • Making an Online Laboratory Course Accessible for all Learners
  • Collaborative Online Program Assessment
  • Introducing OLES and the Final Results of a Pilot Study on the Expectations of Student in Online Programs
  • An Online Celebration of Student Writing
  • Crash Course in Design: How to Apply the Top 5 Tips in Your Online Course
  • Evidence of Interaction: Insights into Increased Engagement with Asynchronous Video

Conference Sessions: Day 2

  • It's a Winning Condition! Using Game-Design in Canvas for Student Success
  • The 21st Century Guidelines for Distance Education and Other Regulatory Updates
  • Using Scaffolding and Authentic Assessment to Improve Student Performance
  • The IU Online Brand and a Marketing Update
  • Increasing Student Engagement Through Humanizing Practices
  • CourseNetworking for Community
  • Lights, Camera, Teach! Tips for DIY Course Videos
  • The Role of Program Directors: Faculty Governance and Administration of Collaborative Online Degrees
  • Transitioning a Lecture Class to Online-Hybrid to Enhance Student Personal Well-Being
  • Device-Aware Instructional Design: Creating Courses that Meet Student Needs (and Wants)
  • Remote Internship Course in Sport Management during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Seeking Interdisciplinarity: Assessing Multi-Disciplinary Online Curriculum


Length: 3 days




Audience: General Audience

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