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2020 IU Online Conference



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About the Conference

This conference is unlike any we’ve had before—and not just because it’s virtual. We’re pleased to bring you diverse webinar topics that showcase just how many viewpoints, ideas, and resources make up online education.

From designing a forensic laboratory science course online, to teaching music and arts online, to practicing mindfulness in the classroom and more, we’re finding new meanings to the phrase Sustaining Student Success. 

Office of Online Education

IU’s collaborative approach to online education means that units and faculty members from multiple IU campuses share resources and expertise. At the Office of Online Education, our role is to facilitate collaboration among all involved in online education at IU, ensuring that the university delivers high-quality academic experiences and seamless services to online students—and makes an IU education accessible to learners around the world.

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Pre-conference Sessions

  • Speed Dating with Learning Technologies
  • Jumpstart Your Spring Course: Using Templates and Modules
  • Raise All Boats: Implementing a Dynamic Learning Environment with UDL
  • Recipes for Success: Creating Meaningful Online Student Interactions

Conference Sessions: Day 1

  • Are We All in this Together? How IU Faculty and Staff are Pioneering New Online Collaboration Strategies to Promote Equity, Access, and Student Success
  • Foundations for Student Success: Building Canvas Pathways for New Student Orientation
  • Hidden Voices in e-Service-Learning: Community Partners as Co-Educators in Course Design
  • Online Music/Arts Teaching: Inside of Arts Pedagogy in the Online Era
  • The IU Online Student
  • Assessment Made Simple: Leveraging Canvas Tools to Perform Program Assessment for Collaborative Online Programs
  • Student Panel
  • Online Education in a Post-COVID World
  • Exploring Mindfulness Practices to Sustain Ourselves and Our Students
  • Online First-Year Seminar: Effective Wrap-around Support for the First Semester
  • Exploring the Role of Quality Matters Certification on Student Success
  • Defining Quality and Value in Online Education From the Student Perspective: What Do IU Online Students Think About Their Online Learning Experiences?
  • X Marks the Spot: Professional Education, Open Courseware Options at IU

Conference Sessions: Day 2

  • The Role of Online Education in Promoting Democratic Engagement
  • Services for Enrollment Growth in Online Graduate Programs
  • Eliminating the Uncanny Valley Effect in the Synchronous Zoom Classroom
  • Teaching for Student Success: Bringing the Power of Effective Teaching to Disciplines, Modalities, and Campuses
  • Leveraging Library Resources for Business Research Now and After Graduation
  • Certification Program and Financial Aid
  • Learning Through the Pandemic – Challenges and Solutions to Teaching Online
  • Technology and the Power of Peers to Foster Student Success
  • Online Clinical Education Challenges and Changes
  • IU Online Marketing & Recruitment for 2020-21
  • Effective and Equitable Alternative Online Assessments
  • Let’s Solve It: Designing an Interactive and Engaging Online Forensic Science Laboratory Course


Length: 3 days




Audience: General Audience

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