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Resident as Teacher

Started Sep 14, 2022


Full course description

Course Introduction

This course aims to support learners and clinical educators in developing foundational knowledge and skills to be effective and inclusive teachers in the clinical learning environment. Resident teachers are important members of the team of faculty and leaders who support learners in thriving in medical education. Our ability to support each learner in thriving depends on our efforts to ensure equitable access to success. This course emphasizes practices for fostering inclusive learning environments to reduce barriers to succeeding in clerkships and other learning activities. Creating inclusive learning environments is also part of our broader institutional efforts to advance anti-racist practice, promote inclusive excellence, and ultimately strive for health equity.

Meet the Instructor

This course was developed by the Office of Graduate Medical Education.

For more information, contact Francesca Williamson, Ph.D.

Learning Outcomes

The course includes six modules that cover various aspects of teaching in the clinical learning environment. After completing the modules, you will be able to:

  • Foster an inclusive clinical learning environment
  • Build a working knowledge of evidence-based and inclusive teaching strategies for clinical learning environments
  • Role-model professionalism and cultural humility in healthcare settings
  • Co-create an effective feedback culture to support professional growth and achievement of institutional and clerkship learning objectives
  • Identify opportunities for health equity education in the clinical learning environment
  • Continue lifelong development as an anti-racist and equity-minded physician, educator, and role model


Length: 2-3 hours


Office of Graduate Medical Education


Audience: Medical residents, clinical teachers

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