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Being an Upstander in Academic Medicine



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Course Introduction
See something, say something. Mistreatment of those in academic medicine and healthcare occurs often and negatively affects the targets of these behaviors. Many providers and educators are committed to developing a positive climate for learners and colleagues but lack the training and skills to facilitate discussions about mistreatment and discrimination. As a result, these difficult but important conversations may not occur, impacting our communities even more. Actively engaging in completing this module, along with using these intervention strategies to be an upstander, is one conscious step toward and committing to IUSM's mission and core values.

Learning Objectives

The Center for Inclusive Excellence has developed this upstander intervention training to address instances of disrespectful and discriminatory behavior. After the completion of this training, participants will be able to:

        1. Recognize acts of mistreatment that can occur in the academic learning and work environment.
        2. Apply evidence-based principles to respond to mistreatment in academic medicine.
        3. Debrief with all team members involved and use institutional resources available.

Length: 45-60 minutes

IU School of Medicine - Center of Inclusive Excellence

Audience: Created with academic medicine-related faculty, staff, administrators, organizations, and students in mind, but is open for everybody.

IU School of Medicine Center for Inclusive Excellence

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