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ALEKS Placement



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Course Introduction

IUPUI uses ALEKS® to assess students' knowledge in key areas of math. Instead of a typical one time test, ALEKS® is a combination of modules and assessments that best determine your strengths and weaknesses. You can take the assessment up to five times to ensure you earn your best score. Many students see a strong improvement in their second or third assessments as they use the modules to review material that they know, but may have forgotten. 

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Learning Outcomes

Once you complete the first assessment, you'll have access to custom learning modules to freshen up on areas where you struggled. Before taking additional assessments, you are required to spend a specific amount of time in the modules. Once you've met your requirement, plan a time to attempt the assessment again so that you can improve your score. IUPUI will use your highest ALEKS® assessment score to place you in a math course during your orientation.


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