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Preparing for Success (P4S)

Jan 1, 2018 - Jan 1, 2027
5 credits


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IUI Land Acknowledgment

IUI acknowledges our location on the traditional and ancestral territory of the Miami, Potawatomi and Shawnee people. We honor the heritage of Native peoples, what they teach us about the stewardship of the earth and their continuing efforts today to protect the planet. Founded in 1969, IUI stands on the historic homelands of Native peoples and, more recently, that of a vibrant Black community, also displaced. As the present stewards of the land, we honor them all as we live, work and study at IUI.

Preparing for Success (P4S) is series of 2 interactive online workshops that will begin around seven months after you started with DCS and the second workshop at your year mark.  P4S is a collaboration between the IU School of Social Work and Indiana Department of Child Services. In regard to time frames, these workshops are adjacent to your cohort training.  However, P4S is categorized as experience worker training facilitated by a non-DCS and non-partnership employee. 

We launched the workshops at the beginning of 2018 starting with Cohort 258.  The overall goals of these workshops are to support you and your continued work with children and families, to create a safe forum to discuss issues, to boost morale and retention, and to provide resources that will allow you to successfully navigate the challenges of an ever-changing child welfare field. With DCS utilizing mentoring, coaching, and clinical supervision, P4S is just one part of a comprehensive multifaceted plan to help support FCMs and to increase overall retention. 

This program is required for all new FCMs.

Please remember that you need to take the workshops in order as a group. To complete the workshop you will need Zoom, Canvas, Laptop/PC, Headphones or a Quiet Place, and your SMILE .


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