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Supercomputing for Everyone Series Basic UNIX/LINUX Skills is a Course

Basic UNIX/LINUX Skills



Full course description

About This Training

This course is designed for Unix beginner and there are no pre-requirements for the course in terms of skills. SC4E: Intro to Unix is a prerequisite course for Supercomputing for Everyone Series courses, and it will help yourself well-prepared for other SC4E Series courses.

Length: 1-2 weeks

Certificate: Yes

Audience: IU students, faculty, staff, and non-IU collaborators with IU guest account


The goals of this course is to help supercomputer users learn the basic operations, commands, and knowledge in Unix including file system management, modify a file or directory, file security and access, and commonly used commands.


Research Technologies at

Additional Information

To enroll in the course:

  1. Click “Enroll”
  2. Login to Expand if you have not already done so. (You will either use your IU credentials to login, or take steps to create a guest login if you do not have IU credentials.)
  3. Click “Enroll in Course”
  4. Select “Go to Your Dashboard”
  5. Locate the proper course under “In Progress” then select “Begin Course"

Course Modules

Section 1: Directory Management in Unix
- List and Make a Directory
- Change to a Different Directory
- Download Support Files
- Pathnames
Section 2: File Management in Unix
- Display a File Content
- Editor in Unix and Create a File
- Filename Convention
- Copy, Move, and Remove File or Directory
Section 3: More Actions in Unix
- Search the File Content
- Wildcards
- Compression and Decompression
- Download Files from Internet
- Getting Help and Documentation
Section 4: Redirection
- Redirection
- Redirect the Output
- Redirect the Input
- Redirect with pip
Section 5: System and File Security
- File System Security
- Change Access Right
- Unix Variables
- Module and Execute Job
Section 6: Advance Unix Operation (Optional)
- Other Interesting Commands
- Suspended and Killing Processes
- Bash File in Unix
- Write Program with Bash

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