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Public Health & YOU: CLAS Regional Training is a Course

Public Health & YOU: CLAS Regional Training

May 23 - Apr 18, 2019


Full course description

Course Overview

This online follow-up course serves to provide you with additional information/resources for creating organizational change and improvement around cultural competency and inclusive practices. 

There are three assignments in this course:

  • Mission/Vision/statement of Inclusion:  submit the edited mission/vision/statement of inclusion for your organization or program.  
  • Goals/objectives: Identify areas for improvement in your organization or program and provide your SMART goals for improvement in inclusivity and cultural competency. 
  • Discussion-Implementation Plan: Draft a narrative or plan of action for implementing your improvement strategies.  This will depend on where you are as an organization.  


There are no prerequisites for enrollment in this self-paced course.

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