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Drug Overview: Methamphetamine is a Course

Drug Overview: Methamphetamine

1 credit

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Full course description

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About the Training

Prevention Insights invites you to complete a self-study course on methamphetamine. This educational module has been designed for professionals and students in many fields, including healthcare, mental health, criminal justice/legal, education, substance abuse prevention, and public health.

By the end of this module, you will have completed the following objectives:

  • Learn about the production of methamphetamine and methods of use
  • Discover the history of methamphetamine
  • Review the effects of use and long term abuse on the brain, body, and special populations
  • Explore treatment options for methamphetamine use and abuse
  • Identify national and state data relative to methamphetamine use

CEU Certificate

In order to receive a certificate of completion with Continuing Education Units (CEUs), you must enroll the course. Also, you must score 80% or higher on the end of course assessment. This course is not for credit with Indiana University.
The enrollment cost includes the certificate of completion with a Continuing Education Unit (CEU). If you do not need a CEU, you can enroll in the same free course in the Prevention Insights Training Portal.

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Length: 1 hours


Prevention Insights


Credit: 1 CEU


Audience: professionals and students in health care, mental health, justice/legal, education, substance abuse prevention, and public health