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IU-ANU Public Health Webinar is a Course

IU-ANU Public Health Webinar

Started Jan 16, 2019


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About the Webinar

Lucia Guerra-Reyes from the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington and Catherine Banwell from the Australian National University (ANU) Research School of Public Health partnered to discuss the usefulness and limits of technology for reproductive healthcare based on the experiences of disadvantaged women in Bangladesh (Banwell) and Bloomington (Guerra-Reyes).

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This webinar is open to the public. No registration required. To watch the webinar, please click the blue button below.

Watch the Webinar

Meet the Presenter

Cathy Banwell, Ph.D. completed a MA in social anthropology at Auckland University followed by a PhD in the Department of Community Medicine at Melbourne University. She is now located at National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health (NCEPH), in the Research School of Population Health (RSPH). Cathy's research interests include socio-cultural contributions to public health; temporal dimensions of health; consumption and risk relating to food, alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use; reproductive health, family and social issues of women who use illicit drugs or have HCV.

Lucia Guerra-Reyes, Ph.D. is a medical anthropologist and interdisciplinary researcher. She investigates the complexities of access to sexual and reproductive health and care for marginalized communities. She is interested in understanding how national policies of culturally appropriate care are enacted at the local level; how health care providers view their role in extending care to under-served communities; and how women make decisions about their reproductive lives.


Length: 1 hour


School of Public Health


Credit: None


Audience: Everyone

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