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Causal Inference in Behavioral Obesity Research: MODULE 4 is a Course

Causal Inference in Behavioral Obesity Research: MODULE 4

Started Nov 14, 2019


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About This Webinar Series

The nine modules in this webinar series provide rigorous exposure to the key fundamental principles of causal inference in behavioral obesity research. A broad array of techniques and experience in applying those principles in research are addressed by experts in their fields.

Please take a look at the entire Webinar Series agenda.

Module 4: Randomized Controlled Experiments, Part II

  • Identifying and Guarding Against Inferential Errors and Exaggerated Claims with Dr. Andrew Brown of Indiana University-Bloomington
  • Practical Challenges: Measurement Error, Missing Data, Assumption Violations, Etc. with Dr. Carmen Tekwe of Indiana University-Bloomington
  • Ethical Issues in RCEs with Dr. Theodore Kyle of ConscienHealth
  • Procedural Elements: Trail Registration, Reporting Guidelines with Dr. Samuel Field of the Center for Open Science
  • Large Simple Trials & Cluster Randomized Trials with Dr. Michael Oakes of the University of Minnesota

With Welcoming Remarks By...

Dean David B. Allison of Indiana University-Bloomington and Dr. Kevin Fontaine of the University of Alabama at Birmingham


Length: 3 hours


School of Public Health


Credit: Certificate


Audience: Everyone

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