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Graduate Student Onboarding is a Program

Full program description

Program Introduction

Graduate Student Onboarding program consists of 3 courses that are designed to assist incoming graduate students through the first stages of the graduate school experience at the School of Public Health -  Indiana University Bloomington.

  1. Online Graduate Student Onboarding: School of Public Health
  2. Foundational Knowledge in Public Health
  3. Canvas Training for New Associate Instructors and Graduate Assistants

Meet the Instructors

This program is developed by the School of Public Health at Indiana University Bloomington.


Length: 3 courses


School of Public Health


Credit: None


Audience: New and prospective graduate students

How to Enroll in the Onboarding Course

Please log in with your Indiana University Central Authentication Services (CAS) user name and pass phrase into the Onboarding which is hosted within Canvas Learning Management System. 

For guest accounts, go to the Account Management Service in

To create a Guest account at Indiana University:

  1. Go to  Guest Accounts in  One.IU , and click  Start.
  2. Click create IU Guest account.
  3. Enter your email address in the appropriate field.
    For all Guest accounts, the username is the full email address provided (e.g., Thus, to successfully  authenticate  to IU applications and services, enter the full address when prompted for a username.
  4. Enter your name in the appropriate fields; enter and verify your IU Guest account password. Click Create Account.
  5. The system will send an activation message to the email address you provided. To open the page that will activate your account, click the link in the message.
  6. On the "Activate your IU Guest Account" page, enter your username (i.e., the entire email address you provided) and confirmation code.
  7. Click Activate Account.


  • Please allow 10-15 minutes to complete the account creating process. 
  • Your session will time out if left inactive for more than five consecutive minutes, requiring that you log in and begin the process again. 
  • If you encounter a problem with the account creation process, copy the full text of any error message and contact the Support Center (opens to an external site).