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Promoting Your Business is a Course

Promoting Your Business

Ended Dec 1, 2021

Full course description

Course Introduction

“Marketing is a race without a finishing line.” Philip Kotler 

In its simplest form, marketing is enticing a potential customer to look at our product, buy it, and stay with our business until we no longer have a product or business to share with them.  

Promoting or marketing one’s business is a dynamic, ever changing challenge for the new business owner as well as the long established business.  Marketing is advertising, brand, communication, customer service (internal/external), employee engagement, and community involvement. Marketing is accountable, data driven and measureable.  One may conclude marketing is everything.

What if you could learn the secrets to marketing that have created multi-million dollar companies, like Uber, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and have the potential, if implemented, to multiply your Return on Investment?  What if there is a mindset that allows you to unleash your creative thinking and market your product in unexpected ways?

Methods and ideologies are ever changing with exponential growth in technology. One of the newest trends in business promotion is Growth Hacker Marketing.  In his new book of the same name, Ryan Holiday takes us step by step into the world of growth hacker marketing.   In this class we will examine this trend and hopefully discover the mindset necessary to compete, and succeed in finding and maybe exceeding, our market share of our industry.


We are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic,  the likes of which have not been seen for 100 years.  The events of 2020 have changed everything.  Many of us are now #WFH (working from home), and Zooming almost non-stop. Our jobs have changed, our lives have changed.  Charles Dickens' quote, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,..." is true of our age.  There have been many losses, and there have also been opportunities for unprecedented success.  Creativity has blossomed, and businesses have been resilient  and more successful than ever, or not.  The purpose of this class is to encourage you to examine growth hacker marketing, and determine ways to utilize the mindset no matter what type of business you are promoting, no matter the events or circumstances you find yourself in. 

Module Topics Include

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Meet the Instructor

Cynthia Stoops is your instructor for this course.  She is an independent trainer for Excel Marketing, LLC and has provided customized training for IUPUI for select profit and non-profit groups. She provides training on topics including, but not limited to, the following: “Marketing Your Business”, “Brand and Employee Engagement”, “Behavioral Styles in The Workplace,” and “Eight Kinds of Smart You Should Know”.  Cynthia has been a trainer for over 20 years designing and implementing training. She has worked in banking, insurance, and non-profits.  She is an IUPUI Alumna.  Cynthia has been the trainer of Promoting Your Business for IUPUI for over 15 years.

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Length: 6 weeks


Office of Community Engagement


Credit: Certificate


Audience: Everyone