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High Impact Virtual Instructional Practices for Education Leaders

Started Mar 17, 2021
8 credits


Full course description

Course Introduction

The recent pandemic made it clear worldwide that effective leadership in the modern age is about more than face-to-face skills. Across all sectors of society, COVID-19 forced those who lead to grapple first-hand with the affordances - and challenges - of leading in digital spaces. This is particularly true for those of us who live and breathe in K-12 education.

Whether you lead within a public, private, or charter school; a school corporation; hold another role in the K-12 education sector; or aspire to leadership, this workshop is designed to provide you with a frame in which to place the digital gems, duds, band-aids, and work-arounds you experienced during pandemic-mandated virtual learning. This workshop will surely stir a bit of helpful reflection, but its primary purpose is to equip you with a firm foundation of technology-rich best practices - so that you can manifest and model the best of education leadership in the Digital Age.

If you lead in an education space that is an established virtual-only organization, this workshop is for you as well, since its emphasis is not on the technical components of setting up online instruction but on instructional leadership in virtual spaces.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the modules, you will be able to:

  • Create engaging and meaningful virtual learning experiences for those you lead
  • Evaluate virtual lesson designs and experiences through a student-centered lens
  • Curate and use digital tools and strategies to support teachers and other stakeholders, grow professionally in virtual spaces, and lead by example as you model technology-enriched learning
  • Set meaningful goals for the implementation of digital learning tools and strategies in your learning organization

Module Topics Include

  • Introduction to Great Virtual Learning
  • Leading for Equity, Inclusivity, and Accessibility
  • Leading for Deep Learning
  • Leading People at a Distance
  • Resources for the Road

Meet the Instructors

Susan Drumm's fascination with educational technology began years ago when a tech-y sixth grader showed her a new thing called iMovie. Two decades later, she's still learning - and more committed than ever to harnessing technology for the benefit of every child. Susan has Masters degrees in Education and Library Science, and earned her Ed.D. in Instructional Systems Technology in 2018. Dr. Drumm's roles in K-12 education have included classroom teacher, reading specialist, librarian, ed tech coach, and most recently Chief Analytics Officer. She currently serves as an instructional designer, grant writer, and consultant around digital learning and systems change.



Length: 8 hours


IU Office of School Partnerships


Credit: Certificate, 8 PGP


Audience: K-12 Instructors and Parents

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