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Culturally and Linguistically Inclusive Online Teaching

Started Mar 17, 2021
8 credits


Full course description

Course Introduction

This course is to support content area teachers through strategies and resources that they can refer to as they design and implement their own instruction. The core of the units in the course converge with the sociocultural (SCT) views that prevail in the teaching of culturally and linguistically diverse populations. A key concept in SCT is that learning is a social process. To that end, learners need to see themselves culturally and linguistically included in online courses if they are to be motivated and to be engaged.

Learning Outcomes

Culturally Responsive Teaching Outcomes: Teachers will find resources and guidelines to design online lessons that:

  • incorporate and legitimize the cultural heritages of different ethnic groups, both as legacies that affect students’ dispositions, attitudes and approaches to learning and as worthy content to be taught in the curriculum
  • build bridges of meaningfulness between home and school experiences
  • use a wide variety of instructional strategies that connect to different learning styles
  • encourage students to know and praise their own and that of other’s cultural heritages
  • incorporate multicultural informal, resources and materials across subjects

Second language teaching pedagogy: Teachers will find resources and guidelines to design online lessons that:

  • differentiate content, process, product, and learning environments
  • scaffold linguistically, conceptually, and socially
  • assess formatively and authentically

Module Topics Include

  • Overview and Contextualization of Practice
  • CRT & Creating Online Pathways to Know Students
  • CRT & Creating Online Bridges between Home and School Experiences
  • CRT & Incorporating Multicultural Resources
  • Differentiation & Content, Process, Product & Learning Environments
  • Scaffolded Instruction
  • Alternative/Authentic Assessments

Meet the Instructors

Dr. Faridah Pawan is Professor of EFL/ESL Teacher Professional Development, Department of Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University. Since 2004, she has developed multiple online programs including IU’s EFL/ESL teaching and teacher training certificates, the EFL/ESL Peace Corps Masters International Program and hybrid programs such as the Tandem Certification of ESL/Content Area Teachers. Her publications include Pedagogy and Practice of Online Language Teacher Education (2016) and Online Motivation & English Language Teaching & Learning (2021, in press)

Angela Lankford is an EdD student in Literacy, Language, and Culture Education, minoring in Adult Education at Indiana University. She was a college writing instructor, teaching in-person and online courses, and worked as an adult literacy instructor. She is now a Senior Learning Content Writer for a non-profit online university.

Zixi Li is a Ph.D. student in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University. She had a BA in Communication from the University of Washington and an MS in Information Science from the University of Michigan. Her research interest is the blended intelligence between humans and technology in the education field.

Karen Sue Pollard is an elementary school educator with over twelve years of experience that includes time in Hong Kong, Finland, the New York/New Jersey area, and Indiana. Her degrees are in music education and general education. She is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Literacy, Culture, and Language Education.

Yichuan Yan is a Ph.D student in the Instructional Systems Technology program at Indiana University. Before attending graduate school, he was a K-16 foreign language instructor. He is currently the instructor of record teaching the online courses of the Computer Educator's License program in School of Education at Indiana University.

Jinzhi Zhou is a Ph.D. student in the Learning Sciences program at the School of Education at Indiana University. She completed her master’s degree in New Media and New Literacies at the University of Michigan. She also had worked as a Chinese language instructor across China, UK, and Brazil


Length: 8 hours


IU Office of School Partnerships


Credit: Certificate, 8 PGP


Audience: K-12 Instructors and Parents

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