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Preparing for Success with iGPS Preparing for Success with iGPS is a Course

Preparing for Success with iGPS



Full course description

Course Introduction

As a student at IU, planning out your courses can help you stay organized. Having a plan makes things less overwhelming and lets you keep track of what you need as you move through your degree program at IU. You can plan next semester or your entire degree using the Interactive Graduation Planning System (iGPS). iGPS is a connected set of tools that shows the requirements for your whole degree, allows you to search for and find the right classes for each semester, and helps you move from planning to registration. iGPS has major benefits beyond registration; it's also a safe and consistent place to note classes that look interesting, to share your class choices with your academic advisor, and to stay on track with graduation. Learn more about iGPS and how to use it to prepare for success.

Learning Outcomes

In this module, you will:

  • Discover the importance of planning to your academic career
  • Identify the tools and resources you have at your fingertips for planning and registration
  • Learn key vocabulary to help you successfully navigate this process
  • Learn how to use and practice using the iGPS tool to begin the planning (and eventually registration) process to ensure on-time graduation

Module Topics Include

  • About iGPS
  • Choose Your Degree Map
  • Start to Plan
  • Review Credits and Choose Courses
  • Planning for the Future

Meet the Course Creator

Dr. Rebecca Torstrick joined the Office of the Executive Vice President for University Affairs as Assistant Vice President in October 2010. She became the founding Director of the Office of Completion and Student Success in 2014 and moved to Senior Assistant Vice President in 2017. She represents University Academic Affairs and the IU regional campuses on a number of enterprise-level projects focused on improving advising, analytics and early alert, academic and career planning, and student success for the system. Dr. Torstrick is a Professor of Anthropology at IU South Bend.


Length: 1 hour


Office of Completion and Student Success


Credit: None


Audience: New IU students

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