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Mentoring 21st Century Scholars

Mentoring 21st Century Scholars



Full course description

Course Introduction

Your scholar has identified you as a trusted advisor, a supportive source of wisdom, and an important person in their growth. In this role, you may have many ideas of what you can offer a student, including stories about your experience and a shoulder to lean on.  In this guide, we will focus on listening and asking open-ended questions, thereby creating time and space for your scholar to think about and work through goals and obstacles. Each mentor has unique stories to share and can offer scholars a helpful outside perspective. This guide will help you with questions to ask and provide common opportunities and challenges students experience.

Learning Outcomes

In this module, you will:

  • Understand what mentoring is
  • Learn how to ask open-ened questions
  • Explore listening to understand
  • Identify the resources available to students
  • Learn about strategies you can use as a mentor for each year of college -- freshman to senior

Module Topics Include

  • What is Mentoring
  • Mentoring Student Through Decisions and Dilemmas
  • Asking Open-Ended Questions
  • How do I Start a Mentoring Discussion
  • Listening to Understand
  • Resources Available to Students
  • Guides for Each Year of College

Meet the Course Creator

Kate Goldstein joined University Academic Affairs as the Operations Manager for the Office of Completion and Student Success in the fall of 2018, where she leads the Coaching Conversations training initiative for the university. Before that, she served as Senior Academic Advisor in The Media School on the Bloomington campus. In this position, she crossed boundaries of academic advising, career coaching, and teaching. She has taught on the Bloomington campus in the Department of English, for the Student Academic Center, and with the GROUPS program. She has also worked as a writing coach, a grader in the Kelley School of Business, and a McNair Scholars research mentor. From these varied experiences, she has built expertise in working with international, first generation, and at-risk student populations.


Length: 1 hour


Office of Completion and Student Success


Credit: None


Audience: New IU 21st Century Scholars and their mentors

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