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Introduction to Digital Epigraphy

Started Nov 28, 2021

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Full course description

Course Introduction

This course introduces students to the basics of Digital Epigraphy, the use of digital tools to make accurate copies of inscriptions or carved works of art. It has become essential in modern archaeology and museum work.

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn how to make highly accurate digital drawings of ancient inscriptions or reliefs, including common conventions for indicating whether the relief is raised or sunken, and how to indicate damage. Students will become familiar with drawing on a tablet, and with the advanced features of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Meet the Instructor

Hilo Sugita earned her MA in Egyptology at IU Bloomington in 2016. She is currently a doctoral student in Egyptology at Harvard University, writing a dissertation on stone sarcophagi.

For more information, contact Prof. Steve Vinson, Chair of the Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures

Technology requirements

Students will need a digitizing tablet, either one that is integrated into a computer like an iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface; or else a peripheral device like the Wacom Cintiq; Wacom Bamboo (probably one of the most affordable options); Wacom Intuos; or XP-PEN Tablet. Students should have Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator loaded onto their tablet, or onto their computer if the tablet is a peripheral device.


Length: 6 hours


Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures


Audience: Anyone interested in ancient art and archaeology