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High School Journalism Institute Online

Ended Sep 1, 2020

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Course Introduction

The High School Journalism Institute is excited to offer online workshops starting June 29 and concluding July 17, 2020. Whether you’re already a media staff member or new to scholastic journalism, our workshops will help you develop your skills as a media consumer and as a journalist. You can participate in just one workshop or all four.

Our team of 12 experienced and award-winning instructors will be your coaches. Each workshop includes a set of modules with activities you complete individually, plus live meetings with instructors and other workshop participants. As you complete modules, you collect badges that give you access to meetings with a variety of media professionals, such as sports reporters, filmmakers, graphic designers, editors, broadcast journalists, public relations professionals, and photographers, for example. Teachers who complete our workshops can earn professional development points.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the workshops, you will be able to:

  • Develop a yearbook theme especially for your school
  • Practice yearbook design fundamentals and analyze trends
  • Learn strategies for improving yearbook sales and coverage
  • Develop news judgment by using values such as impact, proximity, timeliness, oddity and human interest
  • Improve interviewing and news gathering skills
  • Learn how to organize stories based on their purpose and publishing platform
  • Apply photo composition principles to photography and videography
  • Learn best practices for editing photos, video and audio
  • Practice documentary techniques to tell visual stories
  • Develop the skills student editors need to be successful leaders
  • Explore ways to organize and motivate staff members
  • Learn strategies for building positive relationships with administrators

Workshops Include

  • Yearbook Journalism
  • Reporting & Writing
  • Visual Journalism
  • Leadership & Management

About the Program

Meet student journalists from across the country, explore journalism careers, improve your skills or create a game plan for the coming year — it’s all possible virtually through HSJI.

Contact the High School Journalism Institute for more information.

About the Faculty

HSJI modules are taught by a reknown group of high school educators and faculty from the Media School.


Length: 2 weeks


the Media School


Credit: Certificate


Audience: High school students and advisers