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The Canvas Showcase is a Course

The Canvas Showcase

Dec 10 - Jan 1, 2026


Full course description

This site is designed to provide you with a repertoire of tried-and-tested templates, customizable components, and how-to documents to get your Canvas course started -- or to enhance an existing Canvas site and take it to the next level. We call it the Canvas Showcase.

There are three potential paths, each tailored to fit your level of experience with Canvas and with the development of course sites. Please note that this is a site for using Canvas effectively, not to help you learn to teach online. For that, you will want to enroll in the self-paced Teaching Online Series (TOS). There are links to TOS throughout this site.

Material in the Showcase is designed to meet the needs of users at three "levels." Visual icons throughout the showcase will indicate to you what "level" that content matches.

If this is your first time using Canvas, please visit your local IU Campus Teaching Center (Links to an external site.) for more support. The materials here are intended to inspire and support your initial launch.

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