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Genre-Based Language Teaching is a Course

Genre-Based Language Teaching



Full course description

Course Introduction

Genre-Based Language Teaching is a sequence of 5 modules that introduce language instructors to the concept of genre-based teaching and provide step-by-step guidance on developing and delivering genre-based lessons and courses.

These modules are designed for self-study but are also suitable for use in a facilitator-led course.

The modules are suitable for instructors of any language, but instructors of Arabic, Chinese, and Russian will find them particularly relevant, since the modules include extended examples and exercises for each of these languages.

Learning Outcomes

By the end the course, learners will be able to:

  • understand the advantages and disadvantages of a genre-based approach to language instruction
  • design genre-based activities, lessons, and curricula
  • create tools for assessing mastery of genre

Module Topics

  • Genre-Based Language Teaching
  • Genre-Based Course Design
  • Planning Assessments for Genre-Based Teaching
  • Selecting, Adapting, and Sequencing Texts for Genre-Based Course Design
  • Creating Genre-Based Tasks

Course Creators

Lead content creator Maria Shardakova is an Associate Professor in the Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures at Indiana University, where she directs the Russian Flagship and the Russian Language programs, teaches L2 pedagogy and assessment, and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Slavica. Her research interests include second language acquisition, pragmatics, discursive-constructionist approaches to identity, language assessment, and second language acquisition.

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Length: 12-14 hours


Language Workshop


Audience: Foreign language instructors

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