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Kinsey | Consent and Coercion is a Course

Kinsey | Consent and Coercion

1.5 credits

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Full course description

About the Course

This presentation will summarize research on sexual assault, sexual consent, and unwanted sex. The first part of the presentation will provide some general background information about definitions, prevalence, and common characteristics of rape and sexual assault. The second part of the presentation will discuss the distinctions among non-consensual sex, coerced sex, and unwanted sex and will highlight the contexts in which these distinctions are (and are not) important when working with clients who have had upsetting or traumatic sexual experiences. Finally, the third part of the presentation will discuss how the complexities related to sexual consent, coercion, and wantedness can potentially contribute to the phenomenon of unacknowledged rape. The presentation will address how unacknowledged rape may influence a victim's treatment and recovery following sexual assault. Throughout the presentation, implications of research findings for clinical practice will be highlighted.

The Kinsey Institute is a certified CE sponsor for the American Psychological Association. For questions related to the content in this course, please email Include the name of the course in the subject line of your message.

Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish between unwanted sex and non-consensual sex, and discuss how that distinction might be useful when working with sexual assault victims.
  • Summarize research findings related to the continuum of sexually coercive behavior, and explain how that continuum is relevant to the treatment of sexual assault victims.
  • Describe potential psychological outcomes associated with experiencing unwanted sex, coerced sex, and non-consensual sex.
  • Define unacknowledged rape and summarize research findings on the relationship between unacknowledged rape and psychological symptoms.

About the speaker

Photo of  Zoe Peterson Dr. Zoe Peterson is a clinical psychologist and maintains a dual appointment with the Kinsey Institute and the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology. She is also the Director of the Kinsey Institute's Sexual Assault Initiative. Dr. Peterson researches sexual consent, sexual assault, sexual coercion, and unwanted sex. She has studied men's and women's experiences as both victims and perpetrators of sexual aggression. Dr. Peteron's most recent research has focused on sexual assault victims' cognitive appraisals of their nonconsensual sexual experiences, on improving self-report measurement of sexual aggression, and on developing and evaluating a sex-positive sexual assault prevention intervention. Dr. Peterson also is a Licensed Psychologist with a particular interest in sex therapy, and she recently edited the Wiley Handbook of Sex Therapy. She is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Sex Research and was elected President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality for 2019-2021.


Length: 1.5 hours


Kinsey Institute


Credit: 1.5 credits


Audience: Public