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Internship in Psychology is a Course

Internship in Psychology

Started Oct 19, 2020


Full course description

WHO: Students enrolled in PSY-B421

WHAT: Internship in Psychology: Is a 120 contact hour experience in which students use skills developed in PSY-P381 (Helping Skills) in a variety of settings typically to gain experience that will be valuable in future careers or graduate school.

WHERE: Students will meet individually with their faculty mentor to select a placement site, work at placement site over the course of the semester for 120 hours and learn about how to apply psychological knowledge to their setting.  Some students write grants to fulfill their requirements and are developing skills in that area.

WHEN: The experience is the second of a two semester course sequence.

WOW: Students work over the term to confirm interest in a potential career path and gain experience there or discover that the setting is not what they hoped it would be and redirect their post degree plans.  Several students have been offered jobs post internship completion.

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