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4.8.21 No. 6 Play is a Course

4.8.21 No. 6 Play

Started Oct 19, 2020

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WHO: P103, P279 and P216 students

WHAT: Students watched a play, put on by the Indianapolis Repertory Theater. No. 6 is a play, written by by T.J. Young and directed by directed by Dwandra Nickole Lampkin. It is based on real life events that occurred in 2001 near Cincinatti, Ohio following the death of Timothy Thomas. The actual riot and precipitating events can be read about elsewhere. The murder of Timothy Thomas was tragic, though unfortunately, all too common. It was referenced in this later article in USAToday. Following the murder of Micheal Brown in Ferguson, MO and many of the social injustices there continue to be represented around our country and world today, it is important to examine the patterns of behavior.

WHERE: Live feed; followed by a Zoom discussion on race, bias, and social psychology

WHEN: Viewing was between March 22 and April 1, Discussion was April 8th.

WOW: Students got it! They were able to apply understanding from academic course work to examine real world events more deeply.