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3.26 & 4.2 HON-H399 Honors Colloquium is a Course

3.26 & 4.2 HON-H399 Honors Colloquium

Started Mar 2, 2022


Full course description

WHO: HON-H399 Honors Colloquium—Thinking, Problem-Solving, and Innovating

WHAT: A trip to Route 66 in Illinois to develop projects helping small businesses and attractions regain revenue lost during the pandemic

WHEN:  March 26-27 (Group 1) and April 2-3 (Group 2)

WHERE: Route 66 in Illinois from Dwight to Litchfield

WOW: We are visiting America’s “Mother Road,” legendary Route 66 in Illinois. Though long ago bypassed when the interstate came through, it is still used regularly by locals and by tourists—lots of them, visiting from the UK, Germany, the rest of Europe, the Nordic countries, and Australia. These visitors and Americans seeking nostalgia flock to the museums, diners, historic venues, and small-town attractions that make Route 66 “Main Street USA.”  Unfortunately, the pandemic kept most tourists at home, resulting in significant revenue losses that have closed many Route 66 icons. We hope to create small projects that will contribute to revitalizing this stretch of Route 66. As we visit restored “filling stations,” museums, the birthplace of the corn dog, Lincoln landmarks, and one of the oldest restaurants on Route 66, we will also meet some of the people working to keep the Mother Road thriving.

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