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IUSM-Cystic Fibrosis | Practice is a Course

IUSM-Cystic Fibrosis | Practice

May 10 - Apr 12, 2020


Full course description

About This Course

Diagnosing cystic fibrosis is complex and requires accurate interpretation and follow up of test results. Review testing and diagnosis involved in a complete evaluation and test your knowledge with use case scenarios.

What You Gain

At the end of this course, students will be able to: 

  • Understand how to utilize gene mutation panels and sequencing in the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis 
  • Correctly identify quantitative pilocarpine iontophoresis sweat testing as essential for cyctic fibrosis diagnosis 
  • Understand diagnosis and prognosis of CRMS/CFSPID from cystic fibrosis or CFTR-associated disorder

Meet the Physician

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Additional Details

Length: About 1 hour
Credit: 0
Institution: IU School of Medicine
Audience: Practicing physicians
Program: No
Type: Online only

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