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Academic Integrity Learning with Integrity - Southeast is a Course

Learning with Integrity - Southeast



Full course description

About the Course

This course is designed to introduce students to the basics of Academic Integrity. The course will discuss the importance of Academic Integrity and how IU Southeast is making Academic Integrity a priority. The students will be shown different types of academic misconduct and why these are considered misconduct. There will also be information on what happens if a student is involved in an academic misconduct situation, the procedures at IU Southeast for dealing with academic misconduct and what students should do if they witness other students participating in misconduct. This course is intended to be used as a learning tool for students and for faculty to use to initiate a conversation with students about the importance of academic honesty.


For more information or questions, please contact the Institute for Learning and Teaching Excellence at or 812-941-2506.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Recognize academic misconduct
  • Identify the different types of academic misconduct; Cheating, Plagiarism, Fabrication, Interference, Facilitation, and Violation of course rules
  • Explain the consequences of academic misconduct at IU Southeast and even in life beyond graduation
  • Explain the importance of Academic Integrity
  • Recall what the IU Code of Conduct is and find information on the Code
  • Describe how to prevent academic misconduct
  • Describe how to respond to witnessing someone conducting academic misconduct


Length: 1 hour


IU Southeast


Credit: None


Audience: IU Southeast undergraduates

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