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Dream Interpretation is a Course

Dream Interpretation

Feb 5 - Jan 18, 2020

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Full course description

Dream interpretation is a fascinating topic. Historical accounts confirm that people have been interpreting their dreams for thousands of years.  In this mini-course, we will review:

  • When during the sleep cycle dreams are most likely to occur,
  • Some problems that can occur during sleep leading to unusual dreams or nightmares,
  • The most common types of dreams,
  • What we know about dreams in ancient cultures,
  • What we know about dreaming in other cultures,
  • Older theories of dream interpretation,
  • Modern theories of dream interpretation, 
  • Whether dreams are prophetic, and
  • Lucid dreaming

No single course could possibly answer all of your questions about this fascinating topic. I hope this mini-course addresses some of your questions and peaks your interest about this topic.