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Adjustment Disorders is a Course

Adjustment Disorders

Ends Jul 1, 2025

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Full course description

About the Course

This is one of more than 30 modules focused on child and adolescent disorders. Each module provides a case vignette, some basic history of the disorder, symptoms, possible etiology or possible causes, and what is known about effectively treating the disorder. In this mini-module you will be learning about Adjustment Disorders.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize Adjustment Disorders based on symptoms,
  • Identify the known cause or etiology of Adjustment Disorders, and
  • Compare and contrast treatments for Adjustment Disorders

Meet the Instructor

Robin K. Morgan Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology
Director, Institute for Learning and Teaching Excellence

Indiana University Southeast

Robin K. Morgan received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Auburn University in 1988. She is a Professor of Psychology at Indiana University Southeast where she presently serves as the Director of the Institute of Learning and Teaching Excellence, overseeing face-to-face and distance education. She has served as the Indiana University Director of the Faculty Academy on Excellence in Teaching, a system wide organization devoted to recognizing and advocating for excellence in teaching. As Director, she served as the editor of the Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning as well as the founder and editor of the Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology. She has published numerous articles in the scholarship of teaching and learning, student stalking of faculty, and authored or co-authored several books including three in the Quick Hits series of Successful Strategies for Award Winning Teachers. The second edition of her Case Studies in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology was published in 2017. Robin has received numerous teaching awards with her most recent award being the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Technology at Indiana University.

Length: 1 hour


Credit: 0

Audience: Public