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Course Title "American English Teaching Methods - Classroom Management Strategies" written on top of a faded image of a K through 12 classroom American English Teaching Methods - Classroom Management Strategies - TEFL is a Course

American English Teaching Methods - Classroom Management Strategies - TEFL

Time limit: 60 days

Full course description

This course is designed for international teachers currently teaching outside of the United States whose students are between the ages of five and twelve. This course will develop participants' teaching abilities by encouraging them to recognize and implement American strategies for teaching reading and writing skills to their students. Participants in this course will learn how to think critically about the ways that they can enhance the language learning experience for their students.

In this course, participants will:

  • be able to enrich students’ learning through the creation of effective classroom spaces, including the arrangement of student desks, the use of literacy props, and the organization of activity centers
  • create, use, and modify daily and weekly routines to highlight the forms and functions of print
  • create reading and writing lesson plans that are organized and which contain learning outcomes that are observable, measurable, and relevant to the language learner


This course is intended to be experienced alongside PIE's other course offerings:

  • Teaching Phonics Awareness
  • The Writing Process
  • Reading and Writing Strategies for the ESL Classroom
  • Teaching Reading Through Literature
  • Introduction to American English Teaching Methods - Capstone Project