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Geometry, First Semester (Summer 2023) is a Course

Geometry, First Semester (Summer 2023)

Time limit: 61 days
1 credit

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Full course description

Special Summer Course - Starts June 1st

Course Overview


This is a special Summer 2023 version of the regular IUHS Geometry, First Semester course. It is intended to be completed in 8 weeks, beginning on June 1 and ending on August 1, and will feature rapid grading and enhanced teacher feedback.

This course presents an integration of algebra and geometry that stimulates appreciation of the structure of mathematics. Students learn to reason abstractly and quantitatively as they explore the fundamental concepts of Geometry. Math topics include undefined terms and basic definitions, and how both are employed to develop and prove theorems, including the application of deductive and fundamental concepts of algebra. Other topics include parallel and perpendicular lines, polygons, and intensive coverage of triangles and basic trigonometric concepts. 

The course is designed for second-year high school students and up.

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Two semesters of high school algebra.

Required Materials

No separate textbook is required for this course.

How to Enroll

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