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Course Overview

This is a Cooperative course, but with flexible pacing instead of fixed due-dates. Students are provided an introductory survey of world history from the European Renaissance and Reformation to the present day. Topics include the study of exploration and mercantilism; absolutism and efforts against it; intellectual, political, and economic revolutions; imperialism and responses; conflicts of the twentieth century, including the Cold War; independence movements in Africa and Asia and their effects; and concepts such as globalization, terrorism, and environmental issues. Emphasizes cross-cultural interactions and comparison of related events across cultures as well as primary and secondary source analysis.

Cooperative courses are limited to students under 21 years of age. Please contact iuhs@indiana.edu if you wish to register for the independent version of World History and Civilization.

The course is designed for high-school freshman or higher.

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Required Materials

None. Assignments will be submitted via Google Docs, so a google account will be required.

How to Enroll

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