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World History and Civilization, First Semester

Time limit: 182 days
1 credit

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Full course description

Course Overview

This is a Cooperative course with flexible pacing. Students are provided an introductory survey of world history from the first civilizations of the Near East to the regional interactions of the 1300s. Topics include the study of prehistory; ancient civilizations and later empires of Egypt, India, and China; the development of democracy and early Christianity; the Americas; Muslim culture; African kingdoms; East Asian culture; the Middle Ages; and regional trade routes. Emphasizes civilizations of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Students will develop skills in analyzing primary and secondary source documents. 

Please note that Cooperative courses are restricted to teen-age students only; you must be under 19½ at the time of registration. Contact if you wish to register for the independent version of World History and Civilization.

The course is designed for high-school freshman or higher.

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Required Materials

None. Assignments will be submitted via Google Docs, so a google account will be required.

How to Enroll

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