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Course Overview

An introductory-level World History course, it continues from the first semester course, from the 1500s through the early twenty-first century. Topics include the monarchs of Europe and the French Revolution; the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment; the Industrial Revolution; Latin American struggles and the Mexican Revolution; U.S. expansion; Russian reform, repression, and revolution; European imperialism and later challenges in Asia, Africa, and India; two world wars, Vietnam War, Korean War, and the cold war; the Middle East; Cuba and Central America; and globalization, terrorism, and advances in technology. Includes interactive activities and study of geography through map use.

The course is designed for high-school freshman or higher.

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Required Materials

The following textbook is required for this course:

Ramírez, Stearns, and Wineburg. World History: Human Legacy. Holt McDougal, 2010. ISBN 978-0-55-401861-4

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