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Ethnic Studies

Time limit: 182 days
1 credit

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Course Overview

In this Independent one-semester course, Students will explore the experiences of a variety of different ethnic groups in the United States. 

We will study the life experiences of people from a variety of different ethnic groups, and there likely will be times when we will confront questions that can be uncomfortable to consider. Students should allow themselves to be uncomfortable and fully consider the challenges and opportunities each of the groups  has encountered and how our political system has served as a help or a hindrance as they faced those challenges and opportunities.

Each module will focus on a different ethnic group in the United States, but there will be several common areas of study in each module:

  1. What people are included in the group;
  2. How those people arrived in the United States;
  3. Types of oppression/challenges the people have encountered in the United States;
  4. Significant contributions to American culture from members of the group.

The course is designed for high-school juniors or seniors. Mature and motivated freshman or sophomore students should do fine.

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