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French II, First Semester

Time limit: 182 days
1 credit

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Full course description

Course Overview

This course is based on Indiana’s Academic Standards for World Languages, and builds upon effective strategies for French language learning by encouraging the use of the language and cultural understanding for self-directed purposes. French II encourages interpersonal communication through speaking and writing, providing opportunities to make and respond to requests and questions in expanded contexts, participate independently in brief conversations on familiar topics, and write cohesive passages with greater independence and using appropriate formats. This course also emphasizes the development of reading and listening comprehension skills, such as using contextual clues to guess meaning and comprehending longer written or oral directions. Students present prepared material on a variety of topics, as well as read aloud to practice appropriate pronunciation and intonation. Additionally, students learn to describe the practices, products and perspectives of French-speaking culture; report on basic family and social practices of the target culture; and describe contributions from the target culture. This course further emphasizes making connections across content areas and the application of understanding French language and culture outside of the classroom.

This course is designed for high-school freshman or higher.

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Two semesters of French I.

Required Materials

No textbook is required. All necessary learning content is provided within the course itself in combination with multiple online resources (web pages, audio, video etc.).

Students will need to record audio and/or videos of themselves. Options include any of the following:

  • smartphone/cell-phone
  • computer with a microphone or a headset
  • digital camera with recording option
  • any similar device that can create a digital recording to upload

How to Enroll

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