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Personal and Professional Development

Time limit: 182 days
1 credit

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Full course description

Course Overview

The class is broken down into Five Modules, each of which poses a basic (but vital) question. Within each module you will engage in a range of assignments and activities, each designed to help you discover and reflect on a different aspect of your own development. The questions for each module are:

    • Module One: Where Are You Starting?
    • Module Two: Who Is On Your Team?
    • Module Three: Who Are You Becoming?
    • Module Four: What is Your Public Identity?
    • Module Five: Where Are You Headed Next?

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Note: No letter grade is issued for this course. Students who successfully complete the course receive an S on their transcript.


None. The course is designed to be most appropriate for sophomores and juniors, but younger students should do fine. Seniors can still benefit from it as well.

Required Materials

An open mind, and interest in a bright, successful future.

How to Enroll

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