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English 09, Second Semester

Time limit: 182 days
1 credit

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Full course description

Course Overview

This one-semester course, intended for 9th grade students, will hone students’ reading, writing, and research skills through an extended study of the ancient epic poem, The Odyssey

This course is skill-based. It will not focus on memorizing names of authors or characters; neither will it primarily test students on the recall of plot details. Instead, it will satisfy the Indiana ELA learning standards for grade 9. All course work is designed to lead to a final capstone project, writing an argumentative essay of the student's choice on the overall topic of The Odyssey

Organized to allow a flexible schedule, pacing guidelines and suggested benchmarks are provided to help students maximize their learning and earn their course credit in a timely way. Students can expect to interact with peers as well as to receive regular constructive feedback from their teachers.

This course is designed for first year high-school students.
Please note that Cooperative courses are restricted to teen-age students only; you must be under 19½ at the time of registration. An Independent version of the course is available by contacting the IUHS offices.

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English 9, First Semester

Required Materials

In this class, we will not use a textbook; our primary text will be Robert Fitzgerald translation of The Odysseywhich you can purchase from any online or local bookstore or check out from your local library. I will make portions of the text available to you online; however, you should have a copy of the full text, as well.

How to Enroll

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