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Course Overview

Continues Spanish II Second Semester. Culture study centers on Spain, the United States, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador.

This course is designed for high-school sophomores or higher.

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Three semesters of high-school Spanish.

Required Materials

One of the following DVDs is required for this course:

¡Avancemos! Level 2 (Dos) eEdition DVD-ROM. 2007 Edition, for Windows 2000/ME/XP or Macintosh OS 10.1–10.4. Evanston, Ill.: McDougal Littell, 2007. ISBN 978-0-618-72453-6

¡Avancemos! eStudent Edition DVD Level 2. 2010 edition, for Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8, or Macintosh OS 10.4–10.6. Holt McDougal, Boston MA, ISBN-13/EAN: 9780547278605

Students will need access to a computer with a microphone or a headset to record some assignments.

Students will also need to download and listen to MP3 files (iPod, MP3 player, computer with speakers or headphones); download and open pdfs (Adobe Reader); view animations (Adobe Flash Player); and view videos (QuickTime). Students also need to record oral assignments on a computer, using a microphone or headset, and then upload their audio files (read Creating Spoken Audio Files on Your Computer).

How to Enroll

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