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AP Environmental Science, Second Semester

Time limit: 182 days
1 credit

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Full course description

Course Overview

AP Environmental Science involves exploring and investigating the interrelationships of the natural world and analyzing environmental problems, both natural and human-made.

Students engage in collaborative problem solving, argumentation, and deep exploration of the concepts and principles of the discipline. The goal for student learning is understanding (rather than relying on rote memory) to create meaningful learning and knowledge that is actionable, adaptive, and transferable.

In this course you'll develop skills such as:

- Explaining environmental concepts and processes

- Analyzing data, visual representations, and writings

- Applying quantitative methods to solve problems

- Proposing solutions for environmental problems

- Supporting your idea with evidence

- Analyzing research studies to identify hypotheses, variables, and controls

  • Recommended Grade: 11 or 12
  • Credits: 2 semester course, 1 credit per semester
  • Counts as a Science Course for all diplomas
  • Qualifies as a quantitative reasoning course

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Only AP Environmental Science, First Semester is required, but Biology I, Chemistry I, and Algebra II are strongly recommended.

Required Materials

The following textbook will support learning in AP Environmental Science: 

  • Miller, G. T., & Spoolman, S. E. (2021). Exploring Environmental Science for AP, Cengage. 

Additional resources, including books, newspaper and magazine articles, videos, and other online resources, will also be used.

How to Enroll

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