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IU East Campus History



Full course description

About the Course

Primarily using material from the archives, course participants will be able to access primary documents, photographs, and even oral histories to learn about the campus' history, as well as the faculty and students who worked at and attended IU East. This course is meant to be informative, interactive, and fun, providing participants with a greater appreciation of the IU East campus. The course can be completed at a leisurely pace, at most taking 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Review the art and research of past students from the student research and writing journals.
  • Learn about the various club sports and athletic events that have evolved over the years.
  • Explore a major of their choosing, along with different classes and schedules associated with that major.
  • Recognize the faculty and staff who have made a major impact at IU East.
  • Understand the different ways the campus has developed and evolved over the past 50 years.

Meet the Instructors

Hannah Castor This course was created by the IU East Campus Archivist Beth South (left) and Bicentennial Intern Hannah Castor (right) in the summer of 2017. Hannah, majoring in technical and creative writing, graduated in May of 2018. For additional information or questions, contact Beth South at


Length: 4 - 6 hours


History and Heritage


Credit: None


Audience: Public

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