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IU History: Campuses & Context



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About the Course

Originating in 1820, Indiana University has grown into nine physical campuses with an online presence. This course provides a historical overview of the evolution of the IU campus system, giving a brief history of each campus that highlights their unique history and distinctive heritage while also showing their interconnectedness.

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Course Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of the history of each campus.
  • Compare and contrast the development of each campus.
  • Evaluate how each campus fits into the IU statewide system of campuses.

Meet the Instructors

James H. Capshew is a Professor and University Historian at IUB. Receiving his undergraduate education in psychology from Indiana University Bloomington, Capshew obtained his graduate training in the history and sociology of science from the University of Pennsylvania. He serves as a member of the faculty of IUB’s Department of History and Philosophy of Science, with an adjunct appointment in the IUB Department of History. He was appointed University Historian during the IU Bicentennial era. Author of several scholarly articles and book chapters, Capshew has published three books: The Legacy of the Laboratory: Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University, 1888-2013 (2014); Herman B Wells: The Promise of the American University (2012); and Psychologists on the March: Science, Practice, and Professional Identity in America, 1929–1969 (1999).

Bre Anne Briskey received a B.A. with a double major in history and psychology from Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne (IPFW). She is currently a doctoral student in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at IUB, with a research focus on the history of Latin American psychology. She is employed as a graduate research assistant to the University Historian.

Additional Support

With the assistance of Jeremy Hackerd and Lynn MacKenzie; the IU campus historians and archivists: Stephen McShane, Scott Shoger, Patrick Furlong, Meg Galasso, Sarah Heath, Stephen Towne, Beth South, Frances Yates, Kristin Leaman, Mary Mellon, Dina Kellams, Andrea Walton, Douglas Gardner, Vickie Welsh-Huston, and Elizabeth Gritter; and the assistance of the eLearning Design & Services, UITS: Christy Cavanaugh, Manager, eLearning Professional Design, Peter Ermey, Principal Online Instructional Designer, Jennifer Shirk, Online Instructional Designer, Erin Tock, Associate Online Instructional Designer, and Adam Wolf, Associate Online Instructional Graphic Developer.


Length: 11 modules


IU Office of the Bicentennial


Credit: None


Audience: Public

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