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IU OnRamp for Math



Full course description

Course Introduction

At Indiana University, we want every student to succeed from the moment that they set their sights on wanting to be part of the Indiana University family. Not everyone comes to the table with the same educational experience, so we’ve created Math OnRamp to provide a way to ramp up students’ math skills so they’re ready to take the placement exam and future math requirements. To help students develop their college math readiness skills, we have created a series of self-paced, online modules in Canvas where they will review their skills on 80 of math power standards in Algebra 1, 2, and Geometry.

Each module contains:

  • A pre-test that provides students with a quick assessment of whether they’ve mastered that skill or they need a refresher. 
  • Educational materials that provide learners with essential details necessary to complete that math skill. 
  • Lots of practice problems with answers – Practice makes perfect!
  • Math teacher humor sprinkled throughout which motivates and make the material more memorable.
  • A post-test at the end which will help students see where they have improved or may still need to practice.

The post-test can be taken as many times as needed for the student to successfully pass each module. 

Module Topics

  • Algebra 1: Add, subtract, multiply and divide polynomials; linear functions; linear equations; plus 4 more key Algebra 1 topics
  • Geometry: Converse, inverse, and contrapositives; points, lines, angles theorems; Pythagorean Theorem; plus 7 more key Geometry topics
  • Algebra 2: Exponents, rational expressions; composition and inverse of functions; plus 9 more key Algebra 2 topics

Meet the Designers

The Math OnRamp initiative was an IU Online project created by a team from IU Online and eLearning Design & Services. 


Length: 10-12 Weeks


Audience: Prospective Students

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