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IUOspeakerseries_fa22_lrgbanner.png Fall 2022 IU Online Speaker Series is a Course

Fall 2022 IU Online Speaker Series



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Past to Present: How Economic History and Current Learner Survey Trends Can Help Ready Institutions For the Future

While pundits argue about the country’s recession status, higher ed is not seeing the enrollment increases economic downturns generally deliver. And since the COVID-19 pandemic began, significant shifts in online students’ learning preferences and decision-making behaviors have added to complexity of the moment.

Wiley University Services recently studied the impact of recession on enrollments and has kept a finger on the pulse of the online learning community for over a decade. Together we will explore the findings, lessons, and recommendations that forty years of economic history and the fresh voices of over 2,500 prospective, current, and recently graduated online learners in 2022 have to offer.

Presenter: David Capranos (Wiley University Services)
Moderator: Chris Foley (OOE)
Time/Date: Thursday, December 15 from 10am-12pm ET

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