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Compliance for Online Education

Compliance for Online Education



Full course description

Course Introduction

Distance education involving the delivery of online courses or programs is one of the most highly regulated forms of education in the United States. Awareness of the online learning regulatory framework is critical to the university’s compliance with these regulations. An understanding of this information not only benefits the learning environment for our students - it is essential in the event of a federal audit or accreditation reviews.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the modules, you will be able to:

  • Identify key areas of compliance for distance education
  • Locate the resources available to meet compliance
  • Understand why compliance is critical in protecting our students, faculty, staff, and university

Topics Include

  • Compliance Myths
  • Federal Regulations
  • State Authorization
  • Accreditation

Meet the Creators

The Office of Online Education is dedicated to providing the information and actions necessary for you to stay informed and in compliance.

Questions? Please contact Ilona Hajdu, Senior Associate Director, Compliance & Administration.


Length: ~1 hour


Office of Online Education


Credit: Certificate of completion


Audience: Administrators, department chairs, faculty and staff

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