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Spreadsheets: Using the VLOOKUP Function (IT Training) is a Course

Spreadsheets: Using the VLOOKUP Function (IT Training)



Full course description

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About the Course

This course will introduce Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets users to the VLOOKUP function. Learn how to use VLOOKUP to search for data across individual and multiple worksheets, how to use multiple VLOOKUP functions at the same time, and how to use absolute cell references and named ranges with the VLOOKUP function.

Learning Objectives

  • Use the VLOOKUP function to find exact data
  • Use the VLOOKUP function to find approximate data
  • Use the VLOOKUP function across worksheets
  • Use an absolute reference in a VLOOKUP function

Prerequisite Skills

  • Use formulas and functions
  • Create and use absolute cell references
  • Create and use named ranges

Meet the Instructor

This course is created and maintained by IT Training, a department of University Information Technology Services of Indiana University (IU). IT Training provides educational opportunities around technologies and software made available by IU. In an effort to expand the reach of IT Training's award-winning, high-quality content, this online series has been available to members of the IU community—and beyond. We hope you enjoy this learning experience.



Length: 1-3 hours


UITS IT Training


Credit: Certificate of completion


Audience: Public


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