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Page Design and Layout Basics (IT Training) is a Course

Page Design and Layout Basics (IT Training)


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Whether you're absolutely new to page design or have some experience, it's always helpful to spend some time thinking about how to approach putting together a publication. In this training, we'll explore how to build an engaging publication for print and digital media. We'll also explore page design principles and layout techniques, while learning more about the art and science of page design.

Length: 2-4 hours total

Learning Objectives
  • Explore a workflow that will help you get started with the design process
  • Gain a basic understanding of publishing terminology
  • Explore page layout principles that will help you design an effective publication
  • Learn best practices of working with color, images and typography in a publication
Prerequisite Skills
  • Basic computing skills, such as using a mouse and a keyboard
  • Basic file management and organization skills
  • Basic understanding of using Adobe InDesign, including opening files, placing images and text in a document, and arranging objects on a page

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